We've provided links to our most common County Tax Assessor offices - for your convenience


County tax assessor's websites are full of valuable information and are often overlooked as a resource

Tax Assessors websites contain information such a Square Footage, Flood Plain Codes, Counties Assessment Value, Lot Topography and some even have Drawings of Exterior Floor Areas

Please note that the county tax assessor job is to set a county fair market value on your property for taxation purposes.

County Tax Assessors sent out (usually in the spring) an assessment of value that your property will be taxed on later in the year when actual tax bills are due.

Tax Assessors send this notice out early to give citizens the time to appeal the homes value if they do not agree with the county assessment.

The appeals process differs from county to county as far as online availability, response mechanism etc.

The appeals process is laid out at the state level but its implemented at the local level

It's also worth noting that the Tax Assessors Office Does NOT collect taxes. Their main duty is to set the value of properties and to oversee the appeals process.

We sometimes use the County Value to support our Comparative Market Analysis

We call this an "Assessment Value Ratio" and here's how its calculated

By taking the actual sales price of several comparable properties and dividing it by the counties assessed value will give you a ratio based number

For Example: Let's use three imaginary comparable.

Comparable 1 sells for $225,000 and has an county assessed value of $220,000. By dividing the sales price of $225,000 by the county value of $225,000 gives us 1.022.

Comparable 2 sells for $242,000 and has an county assessed value of $240,000. By dividing the sales price of $242,000 by the county value of $240,000 gives us 1.008.

Comparable 3 sells for $270,000 and has a county assessed value of $240,000 . By dividing the sales price of $270,000 by the county value of $240,000 gives us 1.125.

Then we average all three value ratios of 1.002 + 1.008 + 1.125 = 3.155 this is divided by 3 for an averaged number of 1.051.

So we use this number on the home we're doing a comparative market analysis on i.e. the subject property. Let's say 1234 Elm Street. The county has 1234 Elm Street with a value of $262,000. So according to our formula by taking the value of $262,000 × 1.051 = $275,362 would be the value of 1234 Elm Street based on the county values of our 3 comparable properties.

Please keep in mind this method should only be used to support to an original comparative market analysis and not to set the actual value of a property.

As you can see the Tax Assessor websites have a ton of valuable information you just have to get in there a dig it out.

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