Listing Change Form Below

From time to time you may want to "Tweak" or modify your listing. We've created this convenient form for this purpose.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the requested changes to be implemented. Also, for any change request for "weekend display" across the internet all submissions must be received by 5 PM. the Thursday prior.

If you wish to Change or Substitute Photos Please give us a call. 678-617-7167

How long will it take for my changes to appear on the Major Real Estate Websites

The simple answer is we do not know. The short answer is; Real Estate websites are much better than they use to be in regards to updating Listing Information from the MLS. Most changes are visible within 15 to 30 minutes. We have had instances where it has taken up to 24 Hours.

If you do not see your requested changes on the internet within 24 hours please feel free to reach out to us.

Making Changes to your listing on Zillow. Please note! Zillow will allow the home owner to "Claim their listing" so they can modify certain aspects of the listing. We HIGHLY recommend for seller's not to change any aspects of their listing. First and foremost you will not be able to change the price. Secondly we've had instances were a home owner would make certain changes then request us to make additional changes and our requested changes will not populate after the home owner has claimed the listing.

This is because in certain cases the MLS Feed is interrupted by "Claiming Your Listing." once this occurs it's almost impossible to restore the listing to it's original state on Zillow.

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Our Final Thoughts

The Ebb and Flow of the Real Estate industry is changing forever. There are companies that will buy your home below market value i.e. "ibuyers" We call these companies Equity Sharks because that's exactly what they are! Do you know your giving away up a HUGE chunk of your equity. I promise one day you'll wish you had your equity back!

Then there are agents that look at you like you've got a "lollipop stuck side ways in your mouth" when you ask them to reduce their commissions and there's a few that will but probably not enough to make you happy.

We're here to say that our business model is just all that all the time. You don't have to beg and pry just to get a good deal because that's what we offer. Consumers have spoken and we've listened.

In our opinion the current Real Estate commission structure is circling down a half clogged drain and we're here to clean up the mess.