Below are sample forms for your review. We've made these forms available so you may familiarize yourself with the content.

Keep in mind there are close to 200 different forms issued by the Georgia Association of Realtor Each Year.

Knowing which forms to use and at what stage of the transaction is crucial for a smooth and successful closing. This is where our 15 Years of Experience Pays Off!

Don't worry though we handle the entire Real Estate Contract Process. But it's still a good idea to become familiar with the most common forms.

Real Estate Forms Related to Purchase and Sale Agreement

Real Estate Forms Related to Financing

Real Estate Forms - Disclosure Exhibits

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Our Final Thoughts

The Ebb and Flow of the Real Estate industry is changing forever. There are companies that will buy your home below market value i.e. "ibuyers" We call these companies Equity Sharks because that's exactly what they are! Do you know your giving away up a HUGE chunk of your equity. I promise one day you'll wish you had your equity back!

Then there are agents that look at you like you've got a "lollipop stuck side ways in your mouth" when you ask them to reduce their commissions and there's a few that will but probably not enough to make you happy.

We're here to say that our business model is just all that all the time. You don't have to beg and pry just to get a good deal because that's what we offer. Consumers have spoken and we've listened.

In our opinion the current Real Estate commission structure is circling down a half clogged drain and we're here to clean up the mess.