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Mark Tidwell, Qualifying Broker

Welcome to Atlanta Flat Fee Homes

Atlanta Flat Fee Homes Licensed Georgia Realtors®

Mark Tidwell owner and broker is your main point of contact throughout the entire selling process.

We're a Local Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Broker Office.

Atlanta Flat Fee Homes is a family owned business with over 15 years experience in Flat Fee Real Estate & located right here in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Our main focus is advancing our clients financial position by offering access to List in the MLS for a $399 Flat Fee in combination with outstanding service.

We're the Fastest Growing, Quickest Responding and most Qualified Flat Fee Company in Atlanta

The average Commissions charged by a traditional real estate firms is around 6%* of the final sales price. This is with the seller's agent or listing agent retaining 3% and the buyer's agency retaining 3%. These high cost commissions can make the selling process less than attractive. Keep in mind Realtors commissions can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and it's no wonder savvy home owners are looking for the best alternative to save. The 3% buyer's agent is generally controlled by what the market will bear. Listing Fees or Selling Commissions on the other hand are highly negotiable. Atlanta Flat Fee Homes offers to close you home for a low commission rate of .70%. This is a fraction of the costs from the typical 3% fee and will possibly save a seller on average 2.45%. So doing the math on a $400,000 home that's a $9,800.00 savings!*

All Real Estate Commissions are negotiable*

Why use Atlanta Flat Fee Homes

Simply listing your property isn't all we do. We take the Flat Fee Service to the next level. We provide professional input at every stage of selling process. We make sure your home is in market ready condition, we handle all contract negotiations plus provide help establishing a list price and more. We out perform our competitors in every measurable service matrix.

We offer clear, concise and to the point plans. Our Value Added Listing Plans offer turn-key solutions to sell your home while saving you thousands of dollars in Real Estate Commissions. We don't nickel and dime you over "add-on services" as an example charging extra for additional photos. We offer two all inclusive plans which allows clients to choose their desired method of listing. - Creating a WIN-WIN for everyone!

What we Provide a Summary of Services

Our Internet Marketing - Exposure! Exposure! Exposure! May be the three most important words in Modern Real Estate. Once a home is listed in the MLS it's automatically populated to the most popular Real Estate websites: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com plus 1000's more. Up to 98% of buyers initial home search begins on the Internet. The MLS is the largest provider of public listings in the World! This is why its crucial to have your home in the MLS. Being in the MLS also gives buyers' agent access to the information such as showing instructions and our firms contact information should they have questions.

Our Syndicated Internet marketing strategy is identical to your Traditional or Full Service Agents and your listing looks identical to all other Real Estate Listings.

In Atlanta there are two MLS systems.

Our ability to list your home in both of these systems and our participation in IDX Broker Exchange gives our clients the greatest Internet exposure available.

Your home will literally be visible on 1000+ Real Estate Websites!

At the Listing Appointment - We bring all the necessary documentation to get your home on the market. We thoroughly explain the paper work and even fill out the MLS input sheets for you. In addition we bring all the required disclosures statements and answer any questions you may have in regards to these forms. We also bring the for sale sign and lock box (if elected) so we request you have a spare key at the time of the appointment. If you have a spare key made we suggest you test the key. We've discovered that the orange box home improvement store isn't all that when it comes to duplicating keys! However Ace Hardware is good at it!

Photography - We photograph your home with up to 30 professional photos with our Canon Camera and 10mm Ultra Wide Canon lens at no charge. We process them for MLS compliance standards; place them in proper order as if walking through the home for a natural look and feel.

Contracts - We promptly deliver all contracts to you. We examine all aspects of the contract, discuss the counter offer and options with you, draft the counter offer and present back to the Buyers Agent. We also handle all additional aspects of the contract process.

We only us Georgia Association of Realtor Contracts (GAR Forms) these forms are written by Atlanta Attorneys specifically for Georgia Real Estate Brokers. Not only do we supply the forms we fill them out, execute all required signatures and negotiate on your behalf.

All Contracts are signed using Authentisign for one of the most secure and seamless signing processes available.

The Lunch Box - Of course we provide a Supra Lock Box (This is the same lock box that all Agents use), Professional Yard Sign, view our yard sign, provide the MLS report - via PDF - for a yard flyer. (If Requested) All showing notifications go to you via the Supra Lock box e-mail system. This e-mail notification lets you know the time the agent enters your home, what time they leave, their name, e-mail address, phone number and more. It also insures that they are indeed licensed for a secure showing process.

Closing Service - We coordinate the Closing time and date with your schedule as best we can. Keep in mind there are other parties involved but if the scheduled time doesn't work we'll always place a request to have the time changed. In addition prior to closing we review the Settlement Statement for accuracy and report any errors to the appropriate parties.

The above is a summary of our service. Click the link to read the entire scope of the 399 listing details.

And since we offer a no out of pocket 1.25 Percent Listing Details you might want additional information on this service.

See why we are Atlanta's #1 Best Value Flat Fee Provider



Used Atlanta Flat Fee Homes for their attractive flat fee listings, the way Real Estate Sales are structured now it didn't make much since to pay a full 3% Listing Commissions. Mark was very informative about his services and how they differ from a traditional one, ensuring that he still would handle 95% of task normally completed for thousands more. Mark advised me throughout entire process on how to best present my home and even took the photos for the listing. My home had an offer within 24 hours of going live, and closed in a bit over a month. would recommend Mark Tidwell as he is very educated in local real estate market and attentive to his clients. Thanks for getting my place sold with minimal hassle!
Rashaad T. Brookhaven,Ga.


Mark Tidwell did an outstanding job of helping us sell our home and purchase a new one. From beginning to end, Mark continually went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. He is an extremely motivated, knowledgeable, and driven person. When we chose to move to an area that Mark was not licensed in he took the initiative to go through all the steps to obtain licensure in that county. His attention to detail and ability to step us through the entire process was priceless. One of my main concerns when selecting an agent was finding someone who was not just going to be chasing commission but rather, taking the time to really provide quality service. I would highly recommend to Mark to anyone in need of a real estate professional. Dave-Katie S. Bishop, Georgia


I highly recommend Atlanta Flat Fee Homes! We saved over $10K using their Flat Fee Listing model to sell our home. Mark was helpful, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I really can't figure out why anyone would go with the traditional 3% agent when there is someone like Mark who does just as good a job for less. We would use them again for sure.
Laura R. Alpharetta, Ga.


Mark is a great listener who understood what we wanted and needed. He was quite responsive and helpful with any inquiries we had. He was easy to get in contact with and very communicative every step of the way.
Mike B. Lawrenceville, Ga.


This is my families 3rd time using Mark and Linc Realty of Atlanta. He is AMAZING! We love the flat fee listing services, we saved on commission fees not once but three times! Mark is highly professional, dedicated, responsive, and he worked hard until the homes were sold. Of course in all three instances, we had offers within days and on two of them, contracts within two weeks and the third wasn't far behind that! Mark was everything we needed at a great price. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark and Linc Realty of Atlanta for selling your home. Thanks Mark!!!!
Vicky Loganville, Ga.


We have used Atlanta Flat Fee Homes in a recent home sale. They are thorough, detailed and to the point. The no non-sense business etiquette and fluid transaction sticks out! While selling your home can become daunting and laden with too many details and decisions, Mark will step you through them quickly and help you tailor the selling process. With Mark's inputs and detail oriented Flat Fee Listing approach we had 7 offers in 3 days and were under contract in 7. While a Seller market may look lucrative, you need a real estate agent who can be reactive and has the experience and market knowledge to position you quickly. Flat Fee Atlanta Homes was a great choice for us.
Vignesh R. Atlanta,Ga.


Mark is absolutely excellent. We had a very difficult situation with our house—but Mark stuck with us and went above and beyond to help us get it sold. I don't have adequate words for how he looked out for our interests, dealt with difficult would-be buyers, and gave us wise advice throughout the process. We HIGHLY recommend Mark Tidwell!
Evelyn A. Stone Mountain, Ga.


Mark did an awesome job. He was very knowledgeable and responsive to any questions we had. Made a few suggestions which we took that we think helped the house sell quicker. Why pay full commission when you can go through Mark? He did everything a Realtor would normally handle and even came and took professional pictures for free. Can't recommend him more.
Chris A. Douglasville, Ga.


Mark is tops, terrific service, flat fee commission structure should be the future of all real estate sales! Just sold my Buckhead condo in 60 days with more $$ in my pocket.
Joseph S. Buckhead, Ga.


I would highly recommend Mark to anyone thinking about selling their home. He came out and took all the photos to put on MLS and the other home buying services. He was very knowledgeable and very responsive every time I called him. He works very hard to get your house sold and his rate is much lower than the traditional agent fees. I would definitely use him again for over the traditional agents.
Vicky S. Snellville, Ga.


I highly recommend Mark. He made it easy to sell our home. He absolutely did everything a traditional listing agent does and I saved over 7k by using him instead. I paid 499.00 to list the home on mls with him and he took .5% when it closed. He was there to answer any questions, gave knowledgeable recommendations, was there when we had questions, and kept us in the loop with all conversations with the buyers agent. No way I would ever use a traditional listing agent ever again. I was curious before we met Mark if a flat rate agent would provide same quality of service as a traditional agent. Now I know I will get the same quality of service and will get to keep over 2.5% of my equity I would have given away to any traditional agent. I will use Mark again without hesitation and will never consider a traditional agent ever going forward. No brainier to use Mark And Atlanta Flat Fee Homes!
Mike K. Cumming, Ga.


It was certainly a pleasure working with Mark. His many years of experience eased the burden often associated with the real estate process. Mark has lived in the Atlanta area for many years and is keenly aware of local markets ups and downs. To put some icing on the cake, Mark's unique business model saved me thousands of dollars at the closing table. What is cool, Mark offers everything a traditional Realtor offers but at a considerable savings! I believe in Mark and his approach so much, I have referred him to close friends and business associates. Take my word it was a wonderful experience working with Mark.
John S. Dacula,Ga.


I could not have asked for a better experience working with Mark Tidwell as my selling agent. He was always very prompt in communicating everything related to the sale process and that was super! His flat fee service Saved me A LOT and I'm VERY GLAD I decided to try the flat fee listing service. Some charged much more while others charged much less but offered very little or no service at all besides listing on MLS and other sites. With Mark, I got professional pics done, home listed on MLS & all major listing sites, he represented me and successfully negotiated with the buyers' agents, reviewed and signed all contracts with me. He delivered exactly as his service offered. There was almost nothing I had to do besides staging my home, filling out some forms and making a few repairs after the inspection report came in. THANKS again Mark Tidwell for helping me sell my home!! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to sell their home or buy one.
Kelemen Atlanta, Ga.

We treat every listing like it is our last.

Every listing is important to our success, since we don't make our living selling 7 or 8 homes a year (like your average agent); In other words we don't have all of our eggs in one basket. This relieves us from the personal gain mentally that many agents face, allowing us to focus more on our clients and selling homes. With our $399 Flat Fee Listing + .70% at closing offers one of the most affordable and effective ways to list on the MLS.

Retain the Right to Sell by Owner

Our Brokerage Agreement offers the flexibility to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO) offering the potential savings of the selling or buyer's agent commissions - on average 3.00%. Creating a WIN-WIN.

What is the MLS

MLS - The MLS is a collective database which Realtors enter listings. The purpose of the MLS is to allow for broker reciprocity. This allows brokers to advertise listings on each others websites in an effort to facilitate the sale of a property and this is enhanced by offering a co-op broker commission.
Here's a full explanation of the MLS.

More homes are sold as a direct result of being listed than any other avenue period!

Listing your property for sale in the Realtor Georgia Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is one of the most powerful and productive marketing mechanisms to getting your home sold. Listing Flat Fee on the MLS is one of the best and smartest ways to save and sell. All Realtors use the same MLS no matter what brokerage firm they work for. There's not a "Secret MLS" that some brokers use! So why pay more for the same MLS coverage.

Traditional Agents will have you believe the only way your home will sell is by paying their Full Fee's of 6% * just to have access to their marketing campaign. What they forget to mention is that you can have the same MLS marketing exposure just by paying a Flat Fee.

*All Real Estate Commissions are negotiable.

About Mark Tidwell

Georgia License 284389

Georgia FMLS Firm Code: LROA01

Email Mark Now!

What you don't know can cost you!

If someone in Atlanta promises to list your house for a one time flat-fee say under $700 you should probably reconsider.

To properly market homes they MUST BE LISTED IN THE FMLS

The FMLS charges each brokerage .12% of the sales price on each sold transaction.

So on a $500,000 home - as an example - the fee would be $600.00

So they're going to list your home anywhere from $399 to $699 and charge you no other fees


We disclose all fees up-front and in a professional manner and we're glad to answer any questions.

All we ask is before signing a listing agreement contact the company and verify their closing fees. In other words just compare "apples to apples". No one in Atlanta offers and delivers a better service, price & fees than Atlanta Flat Fee Homes.

Check out our Online reviews - simply look up - Mark Tidwell Realtor Reviews - Zillow has quite a few!

Our Final Thoughts

The Ebb and Flow of the Real Estate industry is changing forever. There are companies that will buy your home below market value i.e. "ibuyers" We call these companies Equity Sharks because that's exactly what they are! Do you know your giving away up a HUGE chunk of your equity. I promise one day you'll wish you had your equity back!

Then there are agents that look at you like you've got a "lollipop stuck side ways in your mouth" when you ask them to reduce their commissions and there's a few that will but probably not enough to make you happy.

We're here to say that our business model is just all that all the time. You don't have to beg and pry just to get a good listing deal because that's what we offer. Consumers have spoken and we've listened.

Counties we Service

  • Fmls & Georgia MLS
  • North Fulton
  • Cobb
  • Gwinnett
  • East Douglas
  • Dekalb
  • Barrow
  • Jackson
  • Hall
  • Georgia MLS covers all 159 Georgia Counties Listed Below

Appling, Atkinson, Bacon, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barrow, Bartow, Ben Hill, Berrien, Bibb, Bleckley, Brantley, Brooks, Bryan, Bulloch, Burke, Butts, Calhoun, Camden Candler, Carroll, Catoosa, Charlton, Chatham, Chattahoochee, Chattooga, Cherokee Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Clinch, Cobb, Coffee, Colquitt, Columbia, Cook, Coweta Crawford, Crisp, Dade, Dawson, Decatur, DeKalb, Dodge, Dooly, Dougherty, Douglas, Early, Echols, Effingham, Elbert, Emanuel, Evans, Fannin, Fayette, Floyd, Forsyth, Franklin, Fulton, Gilmer, Glascock, Glynn, Gordon, Grady, Greene, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hall, Hancock, Haralson, Harris, Hart, Heard, Henry, Houston, Irwin Jackson, Jasper, Jeff Davis, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Lamar, Lanier, Laurens Lee, Liberty, Lincoln, Long, Lowndes, Lumpkin, Macon, Madison, Marion, McDuffie McIntosh, Meriwether, Miller, Mitchell, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Murray Muscogee, Newton, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Paulding, Peach, Pickens, Pierce, Pike, Polk Pulaski, Putnam, Quitman, Rabun, Randolph , Richmond, Rockdale, Schley, Screven Seminole, Spalding, Stephens, Stewart, Sumter, Talbot, Taliaferro, Tattnall, Taylor Telfair, Terrell, Thomas County, Tift, Toombs, Towns, Treutlen, Troup, Turner, Twiggs Union, Upson, Walker, Walton, Ware, Warren, Washington County, Wayne, Webster Wheeler, White, Whitfield, Wilcox, Wilkes, Wilkinson, Worth